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The Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales (CSSIW) are responsible for inspecting social care and social services to make sure they are safe for the people who use them.


Coastal Home Care Limited is a family run business based in the town of Prestatyn. The Agency is registered to provide personal care services to adults, older people and adults with dementia/ mental infirmity. The Agency has a parking area and the railway station is close by. The registered persons are Karen (manager) and Robin Owen (Responsible person). Karen is a registered nurse and has achieved her level 5 qualification and is registered with The Care Council for Wales.

Inspection methods

An unannounced, focussed inspection was carried out on the 29th March 2013 between the hours of 09:30 and 12:15. Discussion with the person in charge, a review of staff files, care plans and risk assessments were undertaken. Two people using the service were contacted by CSSIW to gain their views of the services provided by the agency. The agency’s self assessment documents, statement of purpose and the previous inspection report were used to assess the overall operation of the agency.

Summary of inspection findings

What does the service do well?

The manager has achieved her Diploma qualification in health and social care and further qualifications to be able to train the staff in safe handling and other core subjects in health and social care. This ensures that people using the service are cared for by trained, competent staff.

What has improved since the last inspection?

The service continues to operate to meet the National Minimum Standards. Nothing exceeding the National Minimum Standards was noted on the day of the focussed inspection visit.

What needs to be done to improve the service?

CSSIW found no areas of non-compliance that showed systemic failings or significant adverse impact on the quality of care for people using the service.
It is a recommendation of this report that the registered person ensures that the Agencies care plan to reflect the unified assessment provided by the  commissioning body.

Quality of life

Overall we found that the agency provides a good service and is continuing to develop and improve the service that it provides.

People who use the service can be confident that their care needs are fully assessed and a multi professional approach is used in all care packages. This is because we were able to evidence service delivery plans and found them to contain evidence of review meetings both with the agency and the commissioning authority. Whilst we acknowledge that the agency has ensured that the key tasks are identified for care staff in the care plan. It was evidenced that information contained within the commissioning body’s unified assessment should be transferred to the Agency’s own documentation as this will ensure that person centred care is achieved.

People using the service can expect to be well supported whilst using the services of the agency. This is because evidence contained in the self-assessment of service and feedback from questionnaires, demonstrates that the agency keeps in regular contact with people using the service. The agency also ensures that families and people using the service have the contact numbers for the agency and details of which staff have been allocated to care for them.

We spoke with two service users who receive a service from the Agency. They praised care staff for their care and the office staff who were always available at the end of the phone. Although they had no concerns to raise about the service they receive they were confident that if they did have they would be dealt with efficiently by the agency. People using the service feel confident in the care they receive because staff are confident and competent in meeting their particular needs. It was evidenced from the care plans reviewed and from discussion with staff that people with more complex needs are matched with appropriately trained staff.

The self assessment document identified that the lack of readily available, core training in Health and social care was one of the barriers of improving the service. This has now been addressed as the registered manager has completed people handling skills, training skills and practice course which has enabled them to provide more in house training for staff.

People using the service can be confident that staff who support them have been recruited using strict recruitment procedures. This is because three staff files were made available for examination during the visit and were seen to hold the necessary information along with Criminal Record Bureau checks. Staff spoken with discussed their satisfaction with their role and how they experience job satisfaction. They feel supported and valued by the management team and their colleagues.

Quality of staffing

CSSIW did not consider it necessary to look at the Quality of staffing on this occasion because the details provided in the self assessment of service indicate that staff have NVQ 2 and 3 care qualifications (National Vocational Qualifications) and they have been in receipt of regular supervision and appraisal from their Managers. Comments in relation to staffing have been made in the previous section of this report. This theme will be considered during future inspections.

Quality of leadership and management

CSSIW did not consider it necessary to look further at the quality of leadership and management on this occasion but some comments on the quality of leadership and management have been made in the quality of life section of this report. This theme will be considered during future inspections.